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Selborne Registers & Ledger Digitisation Project

The church ledger and registers from 1556 - 1940 have been scanned and are available for viewing here as either images or PDF downloads.

When viewing the images it is best to use a computer with a large screen and maximise the browser window so that the pop-up gallery view is sufficiently large to read.

Alternatively complete versions in PDF format can be downloaded using the links in the right-hand panel.


Created 15th May 2016
127 images

Selborne Registers 1556-1678

Created 12th May 2016
116 images

Selborne Registers 1679-1812

Created 12th May 2016
175 images

Selborne Registers 1813-1940

Created 12th May 2016
198 images

PDF Downloads

These files have been compressed considerably from the original scans but are still very large files.

On a slow internet connection these might take some time to download.

 Selborne Ledger (25.17 MB)
 Selborne Register 1556-1678 (30.33 MB)
 Selborne Register 1679-1812 (43.19 MB)
 Selborne Register 1813-1940 (35.39 MB)